Happy Birthday to Me…

Dear Me,

You’re a week away from turning 30! Congratulations! Here is a list of your major accomplishments in the last 5 years, in random order:

– Beat Cancer!

– Made 12 Embryo babies!

– Practiced Medicine for 3 years

– Graduated Naturopathic College, got your prescribing license & IV license

– Graduated with 2 undergraduate degrees

– Met and married the perfect husband

– Bought a house and joyfully decorated it

– Raising a dirty but very happy dog

– Loving daughter, sister, and wifey

– Good friend

The next year will be one of change and excitement. I can feel it. It will be the year you develop a new career path, become a mom, learn Spanish, travel to exotic locations, play hard, and love harder.

While these amazing things come there are a few things I want you to remember:

Give yourself a break when you’re feeling lost. Know that you’re actually still healing and good will come of this.

Don’t worry so much about having a baby. Baby will be here sooner or later (looking like later at this point) but thats ok. Use this time to become a better & more eclectic person.

When you’re feeling dissatisfied with your body, remember it does good things. You are able to windsurf, play soccer, volleyball, run, ski, surf, swim, and play! You still look good in your bathing suit and you can rock your clothes. Just see the goodness that is all there.

Challenge your relationships to get the most out of them. Don’t be a pushover, a wallflower, or silent sally. Stand up for what makes you happy both in your friendships, with family, and in the world at large. Focus on building your most meaningful relationships.

Push yourself. You’re can do more and be better.

But never forget, you’ve done so much good and meant so much to so many people. You’re a valuable human and the earth needs more of you so get out there.

Happy 30th Birthday you! You’re a true rockstar!


– Me.

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  1. RoughBandit says:

    Happy birthday 🎉


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