Why I’m writing this blog…

I am writing this blog for three major reasons; to heal, to be intellectually stimulated, and to give back.

Firstly, I am still healing and I recognize that writing about trauma and re-framing my narrative into something purposeful and positive is essential to my recovery.

Secondly, I am a naturopathic doctor.  I want to help people en mass while also satisfying my own need for intellectual stimulation. For about a year after my own treatments I became obsessed with learning everything I could about using naturopathic medicine in the treatment of and recovery from cancer. I toyed with the idea of starting a virtual practice that could service the needs of cancer patients all over the province. I even opened up for business and saw my first patient. It was this first patient that taught me I wasn’t ready for clinical practice again. In fact, I may never be ready to hear the personal stories of people battling cancer because my heart bleeds for them. I feel their discomfort, devastation, and sadness. I feel it so deeply in my bones that I cannot remove myself from their heartbreaking stories or disentangle their stories from my own devastation. I had worked for a year to create this online practice and after just one patient I knew deep down it was over. I knew I couldn’t handle the daily reminder of what it feels like to be in the thick of cancer. It was not an easy decision. All those years of education, the money, the exams, the time and effort spent building a practice (twice). It was with a heavy heart that I put my brand new virtual practice on permanent hold.  I rationalized my discomfort of leaving a career I was good at by telling myself I had been a patient long enough. No longer should I surround myself with that pain, it was time to truly heal. In doing so I would help others in new ways. I would re-focus and find a way of reaching more people. I decided to compile year of research and create this blog, part memoir part healing manifesto.

This blog is filling a gap. The gap of how to thrive after cancer treatment from a naturopathic perspective. Too many of us go through the hell of cancer treatments only to come out the other side gasping for air. We are grateful and thankful to be alive but we’re left wondering what now? How do I re-assemble the pieces of my life. How do I rebuild a purpose driven and meaningful world. It is my hope that this blog will help guide your body and mind towards a healthful path. Perhaps you’ll find common ground in my story or something you can pass along to a friend.

Maybe you followed all the health rules before cancer or maybe you did everything wrong. Either way, use this blog like a friend who know’s what its like to come through the most intense treatments modern medicine has created and re-build a healthful, meaningful life.

If you don’t know, naturopathic medicine is a philosophy that is based in the following tenants:

– Do no harm

– The healing power of nature

– Identify and treat the cause

– Doctor as teacher

– Treat the whole person

– Prevention

This blog will honour the naturopathic philosophy by sharing evidence based, natural methods to reclaim your health. As a practitioner I believed firmly in the power of modern medicine and the proof of science. However, as the old saying goes, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, I still believe that ancient wisdom and traditional medicine should be respected rather than ridiculed. In order to effectively  and respectfully blend different types of medicine I will attempt to draw your attention to when something is evidence based or when it is traditionally believed, allowing you, the reader, to guide your own healing based on your own personal views.

Thanks for reading. It’s an honour to share my stories and ideas with you.

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